Most small-to-medium firms perhaps have trusted IT support staff -- either internal or outsourced that they rely on for all their IT needs. This can be problematic: IT staff could be exceptional at daily technical work, or projects, but are not equipped to make strategic decisions and decide the feasibility of long-term projects...

Your Part-Time CIO can help with strategic decision-making.

COVID-19 and its' repercussions throughout the work world has made hybrid/remote work more acceptable, which requires changes in management styles. Businesses can improve their technology leadership by engaging in a fractional share of a Chief Information Officer, who possesses soft skills and communication competence coupled with 25+ years of technology expertise.

Your Part-Time CIO's organizational behavior training yields benefits beyond pure tech.

Let's be honest: many IT persons got into the field because tech is their first love, and haven't had the 30,000-foot view to the organization or know how to align to business goals. As technology and business processes become more interconnected, Your Part-Time CIO can help your firm exceed the expectations of your key leaders/stakeholders, provide training and mentorship to IT staff, and ensure that your business is well-positioned for the future.

Your Part-Time CIO builds great teams.

The risks of a large-scale IT misstep can be enormous: for example, if an ad campaign fails, you can fire the Marketing team or advertising agency and after six months be in a new direction. But to change an aging ERP or a poorly implemented CRM system, the necessary modifications to IT and business processes could take years and lots more money.

Your Part-Time CIO can make the hard calls.

Surveys and reports indicate that up to 40% of employees will be moving to new career paths; called "the Great Resignation." This potential threat creates an opportunity for Your Part-Time CIO to reevaluate your tech staffing for "fit" with your business processes, control costs, and research new approaches.

Your Part-Time CIO can review your staff mix for best fit going forward.


Read what clients and former employers have said about Gary's services...

"As part of the restructuring of the Information Systems department, Gary recruited and led an effective, productive and energetic staff who approached the many challenges associated with change with enthusiasm and professionalism. He effectively recreated the Information Systems department and transformed it into an efficient, client-centered operation."
Cynthia Fugate - University of Washington
"Gary possesses a great combination of technical knowledge, communication skills, and a management style that is easy going yet effective...Gary was a pleasure to work with, and helped Centralia College during a time of rapid technological growth and change."
Steve Ward - 
Centralia College
"Gary provides a vast array of skill and with any group, we had a large skill variance. Gary had no problem breaking down problems into laymen’s terms as well as rising to the highest levels of discussion. Gary did all this without ever speaking in a condescending or demeaning fashion."
Jeanne Gillert, PhD - Zarrow Family Foundation
" of the most conscientious individuals I've had the pleasure to work with. His knowledge of networks and client-server systems is extensive, as is his experience with the installation and expansion of our fiber optic network."
Frank Christel - 
Public Radio Tulsa

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About Gary Szabo


Gary Szabo


Your Part-Time CIO is a consultancy owned by Gary Szabo, a 25+ year leader with expertise in IT leadership and strategic management consulting. Schools, higher education, medical, manufacturing, retail, HMOs, insurance, creative/media, energy, architecture, nonprofits, and foundations have all benefited from Gary's distinctive blend of technology acumen, organizational behavior training, project management, futurism, and leadership -- providing revolutionary and innovative solutions.

Gary had the good fortune to be present at the beginning of the Internet Age and got to experience firsthand the Dot-Com boom in Seattle as a Director of IT for the University of Washington and Centralia College.  Later he returned to Tulsa where he worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma before founding Mindful Technologies Consulting in 2002. During the next decade Gary supported the Zarrow Family Foundation, the Hille Foundation, Mental Health Oklahoma, Tulsa Project Woman, and served on the boards of the Margaret Hudson Program and the Tulsa Foundation for Architecture.  He also held volunteer and committee posts with numerous nonprofits, and is a graduate of the Schnake Turnbo Frank Leadership & Reputation Academy 6, and Leadership Tulsa 49.

These experiences cemented in his mind that organizations need leaders who lead people first, are domain specialists second, and by viewing the entire enterprise can add stakeholder value.  Gary believes that true technology leaders are in a unique position to do that, and Your Part-Time CIO is the vehicle.


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